There's a lot of cool stuff you can do with the web, like the javascript-driven exploded graphic on my home page. There's also a lot of useful stuff you can do, like target your market more precisely. And interesting stuff, like collecting data and finding patterns in the chaos. You have to find a balance -- and choose wisely. I'm sure you've seen plenty of animation overkill, or experienced simple tasks made complicated for the sake of being "cutting edge". We won't do that to you.

We use web technologies to help people do things. To work efficiently, to reach others, or to sell stuff. Sometimes bigger agencies outsource pieces of a larger project to us. The end result may be a central database used by sales people on their Blackberries and iPhones. Or a streaming video web site for a film maker. But in any case, it's something custom built to your requirements and your budget.

We tend to take on projects with unique technical requirements or an artistic slant. Not everyone requires a custom solution, especially with dozens of point-and-click solutions out there to choose from. But if you have a unique vision and would like to work one-on-one with someone to bring it to life, we should talk about it.


Start ups, creatives, and people with unique requirements get the most out of us. People who want to work smarter, but don't have a giant IT department at their disposal get the most out of us. The truth is, ANY capable designer/developer can create a slick looking web site. But the web site is just the tip of the iceberg. When people say they need a shopping cart, don't they really mean inventory control and a customer database? Do you want your employees to cut and paste spreadsheet cells all day, or do you want on-demand, real-time reports on your phone?

We have a client in the entertainment industry who started a new venture, and needed a web presence that let people know that they were committed to what they did and took it very seriously. The site we built gave them the credibility required to open doors, and the database that drives it serves as their central asset library.

Another client in the corporate sector wanted to replace a spreadsheet-driven process with a single central database. No "off the shelf" product would work for their complicated process. So we interviewed the users, broke down the process, and designed a custom client/server intranet application that made life easier. It looked and worked better than an "off the shelf" product, and it was custom tailored to them.


We're not going to throw a bunch of jargon around like "brand equity" and "cost of ownership", or subject you to a tedious metaphor to illustrate our methodology, because in my 10+ years of "e-marketing" experience, I've noticed that many people who "talk the talk" ultimately take whatever unique thing you do and fit it inside one of their boxes. So we'll skip the boilerplate ROI claims.

We bring the most value to people who are creating. And that doesn't necessarily mean "artists". We mean people who are at that point in their venture where their ideas are coming together and they are building something new. We're in a position to apply the same entrepreneurial mind-set to your project that you use to build your business. That means freedom to react quickly and the ability to hit moving targets. Obviously, adhering to development life cycle standards is a given, and when corporate marketing and branding methodologies can help us, we use them.

We know who our market is, and it's certainly not everyone. If your org chart contains 10 levels of middle management, you probably need the same in an agency just to communicate. But if you're a handful of smart people with a great idea and a tight deadline - we can help you. And if we do our job well, you may very well out-grow us. We're cool with that.


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We frequently provide design and development services to agencies, marketing firms, and even some independent graphic designers who need help with the technology end of their projects.

Whether it's a three month contract for UI development or a three day stint turning artwork into HTML, we slide comfortably into the role you need filled, and adhere to your standards, processes and guidelines.

"Easy to work with" is something we hear a lot. If a web design firm needs some script libraries for a site they're building, that's what we deliver. Without throwing a wrench into their process, or pointing out everything about the project that we would have done differently. There's a fine line between adding value and rocking the boat.

FreeForm Fitness Client:Freeform Fitness
Deliverable:Marketing Website
Services:Graphic Design, Web Development
Technology:HTML/CSS/Javascript/Classic ASP
Date:Winter 2003-2004
Protagon Display Client:iMarket Communication
Deliverable:Marketing Website for Protagon Display
Services:Graphic Design, Web Development
Date:Summer 2004
GUHSD FitnessGram Client:GUHSD
Deliverable:Fitness Testing Tool
Services:User Experience/User Interface Design, Flex/ActionScript Development, ASP.NET Development, MS SQL Development
Technology:Adobe Flex Builder, ASP.NET
Date:Spring 2008
The Popcorn Mafia Client:The Popcorn Mafia
Deliverable:Streaming Media Website
Services:Technology Consulting, Graphic Design, Web Development
Technology:MySQL, PHP
Date:Summer 2008
The design challenge here was to create a look that was both lo-fi, indie, and home-grown but at the same time professional and credible. Serious but not corporate. Fun but not frivolous. While the front end achieves this, the back end is anything but lo-fi. An integrated content management system, inventory database and asset library have made this application a valuable asset to the organization.


There are dozens of ways for musicians, artists, podcasters, mad scientists, and revolutionaries of all types to use technology to their advantage. And it doesn't have to be expensive. Or take you away from your work. We offer custom designed turn key webs with built-in tools that let you manage your content yourself. Easy like Wordpress™, but unique like your work, at prices you can afford.

We take creative types seriously because we are creative types. Art and counterculture have done more to drive technology forward than most people realize. Tom Scholtz. Leonardo DaVinci. Thomas Dolby. Rudy Rucker. Innovation isn't always found in office parks.

If you're an artist, we can help you promote your next show, sell your album, or get your film reel seen. You won't have to worry about things like search engine optimization or RSS feeds or any technical stuff really. Our job is to make it invisible for you. Maybe you need help raising awareness for your cause? We can use technology to help you track supporters, manage your databases, use email marketing, and get people interested.


Corporate websites typically speak to customers and shareholders, providing valuable information to the people who require it. It's cost effective, reduces the need for phone and mail communication, and the amount of information you can make available exceeds what is realistic using other mediums. At the very least, a corporate website should do that. And most do.

Unfortunately, many small and medium sized business stop there, content with re-coloring and re-designing the same "Home, About Us, Services, Contact" navigation bars every year. It may feel like a big accomplishment, but the truth is, that expensive flash animation and new color scheme does nothing to serve your customers or shareholders. Unless you figure out how to implement specific web technologies to support your processes and meet your long term corporate goals, your new site is a giant step sideways.

We specialize in integrated solutions (webs, mobile phone apps, and databases) that can do the heavy lifting required to do business. This means business analysis to map technology to your day to day operations. Why "download a PDF" when you can have online communication that ties directly to your CRM? We translate business strategy into working websites. And if you'd like some pretty new colors and pictures, we can help you with that too.

Content Management System Demo

Fitness Gram Application


Fitness Gram Application

DJ Comscan Flash Site


Adobe Flash Media is a widely used technology that brings animation, interactivity, and video to the web. When you're clicking "SKIP INTRO", you are experiencing the wonder that is Flash Media.

Adobe Flex is a framework that allows developers to create rich applications that run on the client, typically as a Flash (.swf) file. With Flex, you have access to some amazingly useful controls, as well as database connectivity via AJAX, Web Services, or by integrating with ASP.NET or PHP web apps.

Flex came in handy to prototype a physical fitness student testing application I created for a Southern California school district. Gym teachers use it to enter how well their students performed on a variety of fitness test types. The system "grades" each kid automatically, displaying pass/fail icons as data is entered. The finished product is behind a firewall, but you can play with the prototype by clicking the thumbnail on the right.


The GBI Client:Young Decker Marketing Communications
Deliverable:Green Building Initiative Website
Services:Graphic Design, Web Development
Technology:Classic ASP
Date:Fall 2002
The WPN Client:iMarket Communication
Deliverable:Website for Wood Promotion Network
Services:Graphic Design, Web Development
Technology:Classic ASP
Date:Spring 2003
Client:Eric Martin Productions
Deliverable:Streaming Media Website
Services:Graphic Design, PHP, MySQL Development
Technology:PHP, MySQL
Date:June 2009
Raytheon RFC Client:MicroArts Corporation
Deliverable:Raytheon RFC Web Site
Services:HTML/ASP/SQL Development
Technology:Classic ASP, MS SQL
Additional Credits:Graphic Design by Autmn Wilbur at Lunarshine
Date:Spring 1998
Client:MicroArts Corporation
Deliverable:Tyco Web Site
Services:HTML/ASP/SQL Development
Technology:Classic ASP, MS SQL
Additional Credits:Graphic Design by Will Powley at Mad*Pow
Date:Winter 1997
Client:Pro Flowers
Deliverable:Recruiting Database
Services:Systems Analysis, ASP.NET/MS SQL Development
Technology:ASP.NET, MS SQL 2005
Date:Spring 2008
Client:Eric Martin Productions
Deliverable:Streaming Media Website
Services:Graphic Design, PHP, MySQL Development
Technology:PHP, MySQL
Date:June 2009
Client:iMarket Communication
Deliverable:Website for Ethan Allen Hotel
Services:ASP.NET Development.
Technology:ASP.NET, MSSQL 2005, Flash
Additional Credits:Art direction & graphic design by Rich MacNeill
Date:July 2009
Client:Grossmont Union High School District
Deliverable:Student System
Services:ASP.NET Development
Technology:ASP.NET, MSSQL 2005
Date:October 2009
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